KERUBIM – Skirmish 2/4 player #tabletopsimulator #free

Kerubim - Battle for Assiah, is a science fiction, story driven/cooperative RPG/board game, still in production that will be released at a date to be decided.This "Skirmish Simulation" is the holographic battlefield where the heroes of this story clash for training in the laboratories of their department, facing some enemies of their dystopian world, in … Continue reading KERUBIM – Skirmish 2/4 player #tabletopsimulator #free

Expandable Dungeon Tabletop Simulator (free)

If you have #tabletopsimulator and want to play Expandable Dungeon for free, you can download it from Steam! 4 Heroes fall into a chasm where the Treasure is contained. They will have to find the Key in the Dungeon, build corridors, take the Treasure and reach the Door avoiding Monsters and Traps. The Hero who … Continue reading Expandable Dungeon Tabletop Simulator (free)